Advantages of VoIP During a Power Outage

It’s not easy preparing for a lack of services. Few businesses stay in business without presenting a consistent front that they can get the job done, despite behind-the-scenes difficulties.

For businesses that rely on communications like VoIP, a power outage must be dealt with. Even two decades ago, it was generally assumed that when the power went out, phones still worked.

This is a partially true belief based on the separation of the power grids from the telephone wires. Land lines could be powered through the wires that transferred the signal. As handsets became more involved (and digital) this slowly became only partially true.

Functional Advantages of VoIP

Of course, even if the phones continue working during a power outage, that does little to keep the communications of a business going.

Customers rarely call to check on information that any given agent just knows. They rely on systems to provide answers, scripts, and to check the status of products and services. Without these systems, the agent is left, well, powerless.

Additionally, most call centers rely on calls being distributed and routed by a PBX. Without power, the PBX goes down, severely limiting the number of lines active. VoIP functions entirely online and the online component and servers are out of area, meaning they are highly unlikely to be affected by the same power outage.

Portability Advantages of VoIP

An advantage over standard telephones, VoIP runs when the Internet runs. This means that a VoIP system being up also means that other systems are up.

Using uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), a computer or handset can be powered for hours (up to six) and offer all the same features as when connected to the grid.

Don’t have UPS on standby? Not a problem, swap to mobile phones and run VoIP through the connected mobile data.

VoIP operates as long as the ISP is connected. It doesn’t take a lot of power to run the modem and router coming into a business. Not nearly as much as the lights, anyway.

Can’t get the ISP up, or it is down from a larger area outage? Swapping to mobile hotpots allows many lines to be run from a single source without drastically compromising call quality.

Finally, if all else fails, sending workers home or routing calls off-site is as easy as connecting your VoIP to the new area. The number travels with the service, so there is no difference in the costs or the customer’s experience.

Get Started

With VoIP, a power outage is a speed bump and not a lost day. Not only are there multiple work arounds but each is cost-effective and carries additional benefits.

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