VoIP for Law Firms

Many businesses rely on their phone systems to conduct, well, business. Often the conversations supported by these systems are one-sided. Orders are placed, complaints are listed, information is requested.

For phone systems into law firms, a more robust back and forth is required. Information needs to flow freely to achieve the best results. That’s why VoIP for law firms focuses on robust tools for both client and firm.

Call routing software upgrades a law firm by quickly directing return calls, aids in billings, and makes seamless transitions from office to mobile phones possible.

Call Management with Appeal

The public’s behaviors lag behind trends and technology. Every time there is an innovation in communication technology there is a corresponding change in how people engage with each other.

While technology facilitates better, faster, more thorough communication, it also creates uncertainty in engaging with the phone itself.

VoIP for law firms offers an auto-attendant feature that directs calls quickly to the correct location. This cuts down on time for clients to speak to a person and helps contacts such as investigators, partners, and courts to contact the appropriate people without run around.

Saving clients time adds to satisfaction and helps everyone feel seen and heard.

Billing Support

Untold hundreds of billable hours are lost each year from inability to track time on calls with clients. Emails and message review are also sometimes gobbled up trying to keep on top of each client’s usage.

With each line being accessed through the auto-attendant hub, it’s easy to track when a call starts with an attorney and bill accordingly. The same goes for message access. Calls into and out of the system are logged with timestamps that are easy to organize.

Further features allow calls to be transferred from an office phone to a mobile so that no gaps or call backs need to be performed. A client doesn’t have to worry about travel times, court hallway calls, or other out of the office issues.

Members of a firm are accessible with proper time tracking anywhere they go, all on the same number.

Tracking and Recording

Scheduling for attorneys is also made easy through the integrated customized CRM. Phones can deliver calendars and messages to attorneys on the go, keeping them aware of appointments and deadlines.

This system also notes the who, so adding in the what and where is a matter of matching the numbers to the files. Together, the VoIP system combines many of the tasks of an office manager with remote alerts and detailed record keeping.

Dedicated, easy to access messaging boxes allow verbal notes to be recorded and even converted to text for drafting briefs and other documents.

Dial In

More and more information keeps coming down the pipeline thanks to the same technology you rely on to sort it. Get the best information sorting and management tools with VoIP for law firms.

If you’re interested int this, or other VoIP packages, contact Vegas Telecom to learn more.