VoIP in the COVID World

Depending on your count, it’s been six or seven months since things shifted into a Twilight Zone world for businesses. Small businesses have scrambled to adjust to a world that demands services and offerings but increasingly separates the usual agents from the usual customers while doing so.

Some business sectors have suffered more from this dilemma than others. Increasingly, businesses are relying on remote workplaces and technology to bridge this gap. VoIP offers a lot of help in the COVID-19 world.

Take a look at how your business can benefit both employees and customers with the integration of VoIP systems.

The Power of Remote Deployment

It’s one thing to move some of the workforce to a work-from-home or telecommuting status. This provides flexibility for schedules, especially for general health issues and family leave. It’s another to need to move most, if not all, the workforce out.

VoIP systems represent a low-cost cornerstone to the remote office. The suites of features offered through the all-in-one systems allow the business to put forth an organized face to the team and to the public.

For businesses struggling to afford a change over, monthly subscriptions with included hardware offer an affordable entry point.

Without the centralized office to reinforce policies and solidify teams, people slowly drift off the main page. Workers experience these shifts at different rates.

Tools for Newer Employees

Employees who have been with a company for less than six months are the hardest hit by a sudden transition to remote working. Those hired specifically to be remote workers often have skillsets built around the technology and the expectations that come with it.

For those that started before the transition, the inability to integrate with the workplace policies and standards is challenging. Junior employees often look for cues from the more experienced in how to handle difficult decisions and even to understand the reasoning behind policies.

The office is full of little reminders and cues that help employees find information quickly and offer some learning autonomy.

VoIP features can mimic parts of this with login reminders and shareable reminders. Teleconferencing and productivity tools are essential for getting these employees integrated and to boost their confidence in performance.

Tools for Older Employees

Employees that have been with a company five plus years are much more likely to enjoy the remote working experience. However, they are also likely to find it harder to manage their time. For employees that struggle with technology, the lack of on-site IT can be punishing.

VoIP systems offer some relief for these issues as well. Setting up schedule reminders and time logs helps a remote employee track their time and know when they are most needed.

Because the handsets and workstations are uniform across the system, every employee becomes a part of the IT network for getting a struggling worker back into working order.

Get Started

Though things are challenging right now, VoIP offers connection in the COVID-19 world. With dedicated systems ready to be installed in your office and lines available to be easily transported wherever your workers go, VoIP gives a lot for a low cost.

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