VoIP: More Features at a Lower Cost

One way to excel in the marketplace is to do more for less. To that end, it also serves you to get more for less.

With VoIP many features that come at a surcharge or a cost premium with a landline or mobile services are included. VoIP services offer dozens of features in an opt-in fashion that makes every device in an office programmable to a specific or global task.

Since VoIP is a software program itself, it’s easy to make a suite of features accessible and both easy to understand and use. Much like a smartphone or computer it’s all about customization and ease of access.

Familiar Features

Voicemail – A standard feature on phones for decades, with VoIP you have access to the messages 24/7 and can create separate boxes for working and off-work hours. Voicemail can also be converted into text messages or emails. This provides superior readability and makes transmitting critical information easy, even after hours.

Conferencing– Why just conference call when you can integrate your digital office in one go. VoIP conferencing supports file sharing, messaging, calendars and more to build a total digital meeting room. 

Recording – A business has to stay on top of its quality control. This means recording interactions between staff and costumers. With VoIP recording you can set a call to record and pull up the files in audio or text formats. VoIP recordings are good enough to be used in big data studies of human behavior. 

Less Familiar Features

Do Not Disturb (DND) – Whether used to prevent calls from coming through when another call is active or setting a message for work vs off-work times, DND features help keep your business professional. DND settings let you control a response by issuing a call to voicemail, another phone in the office, or even putting it through with a button press.

Auto Attendant – Customers aren’t keen on calling into a business and going through a phone tree to reach a person. That said, they dislike waiting on hold more. They hate waiting on hold and then arriving at someone that can’t help and has to immediately transfer them the most. With an auto attendant system, you can create an intuitive, flat tree that filters customers to the right people faster.

Esoteric Features

Call Tracking – Not simply a call log, call tracking lets a business see where a call gets diverted into the system and provides additional information on the call. One important thing to look for is the quality, which can be monitored in real time to avoid losing calls to data loss and jitter

Hot Desking – No need for each employ across shifts to have their own units. With hot desking you can load and save profiles for each person, allowing any station to serve an employee as if it was their very own. This makes it easy to move across a call floor and maintain seamless control. 

Dial In

With so many features available through VoIP, your business will not only save on the initial costs but reap the benefits of customization and convenience. 

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