We offer VOIP telephone services to businesses in the Las Vegas valley and surrounding areas as well as all of the United States and most of Canada.

We are known for having the best quality phone service and best customer service.

Moving your business phone system to the cloud is simple and straightforward. Setup is fast, and a Vegas Telecom technician will help you achieve a smooth transition for all of your office locations and remote workers. We always give you FREE COLOR PHONES.

$19.99 per month per phone with unlimited long distance and all the features.

  • Our monthly price INCLUDES FREE PHONES! (desk or cordless)
  • NO EXTRA CHARGE for Auto Attendants & call groups like the other guys!
  • We do free professional sounding recordings too.


You can manage your entire phone system from your desktop computer. It is easy to add and change users, assign phones, manage extensions and groups anytime from anywhere in the world. Auto attendants and ringing a desk phone and cell phone simultaneously is simple.

We fully integrate employee mobile devices into the business phone system. Using the Vegas Telecom mobile app, employees can make business calls, check business voicemail and because they are using their business number, not their personal number, they maintain their business identity. Clients will see your office number as the phone number on the employee’s smart phone.


Most VoIP companies charge you by the phone. We have two models: We can charge $19.99 per month per phone with FREE Phones or we can charge you by the line for larger businesses. With either model we provide a free smartphone app and inexpensive faxing either utilizing
e-mail or we can use your existing fax machine.

No matter how many lines you get you will always get FREE Auto Attendants, UNLIMITED Long Distance Calling & inexpensive international calling!

  • Get notification updates – Use our notification system to send you an email every time you get a voice or fax message, or send voice mail messages directly to your email
  • Keep track of employee phone calls using your system’s online call logs. Call Recording is also included.
  • Smartphone Access – Use your smartphone to access your phone system’s online information and configuration when you’re away from your desk. Make calls from your smart phone and show your office phone number for the caller id.
  • Put your company directory on the system – callers can find employee extensions and voicemail boxes directly
  • Route calls based on rules you provide – Is your office closed on Sunday, and after six during the rest of the week? Automatically send calls to voicemail, or to your home phone or cell phone.
  • Send incoming calls to the next available number – Does your business have four customer service representatives? Use our system to ring all their phones simultaneously when a new call to that department comes in, or to ring them one at a time, in any order you specify.
  • Forward calls to your home number or cellphone, to another VoIP phone, or to all three – you decide how many rings to try before forwarding to the next number, or have all the phones ring simultaneously.
  • Add your own Music or message on hold or have none at all. Play your own custom message while ringing an extension or have it ring like a traditional transfer.
  • We have the best quality Voip phone service. No disconnects or parties that cannot hear each other.
  • We install, service and support you locally. No Foreign agents to talk to or long hold times.
  • Free setup and training. Phone and service can be installed in a few hours not days.
  • $19.99 or less per phone extension with free phones, either desktop or cordless.
  • We do not nickel and dime you with additional fees for additional services.
  • When You Move Your Phones Travel With You. Nothing to Transfer.
  • Most VoIP companies charge you by the phone. We have the flexibility to charge you by the phone or line for large companies.
  • Unlimited Long distance, inexpensive international calling and free auto attendants.
  • Fax to email for inbound and outbound faxes at no additional charge.
  • Take a phone home with you and it works just like you were in the office.
  • Set up a phone in a foreign country with a U.S. area code and you can make and receive calls for free. Other users can intercom you with a touch of a button.
  • We can even setup a phone to work in your car!
  • You can record every call and You can listen to them from anywhere via your web browser.
  • Bring your current phone numbers with you!
  • No Contracts or cancellation fees.
  • Extension with Voicemail Box – All users Have their own personalized voicemail access.
  • Voicemail to Email – Receive all voice mails to your email to listen at your computer or on your smart phone.
  • Mobile Applications – Take your work extension anywhere!
  • Find Me / Follow Me – Forwards calls to any cell phone when you are out of the office.
  • Unlimited Auto Attendants – Give your callers the ability to choose where they want to go and give your receptionist a backup! Perfect for Multi-Company offices
  • Music on Hold – Play custom music or announcements to a caller while on hold!
  • Simultaneous Ring – Ring both desk phone and cell or any land line phone phone. Never miss a call again!
  • Flexible Call Routing – make adjustments to your systems programming on the fly and free of charge! Use custom messages for Holidays and days you are closed.
  • Standard call handling features included: Place calls on hold, call logs, park calls, call recording, call screening, call forwarding and caller ID.


2700 E. Patrick Lane, Suite 1
Las Vegas, NV 89120